Awards & Nominations

Glam is always looking for something new: a new inspiration, a new philosophy, a new way to look at something, and new talents. Recognised for his expertise and commitment to innovative approaches, our team is a celebration of the incredible contributions made over the last years.
Together, we have achieved incredible success and awards. But our business is never one thing; part creativity, part technical process, and part of human being. Thank you all.

2009 Glam, Finalist for Salon Team of the year, North America, Naha

2011 Glam, Winner of Contessa, for best salon team Canada

2011 Olivier Miotto, Winner of Contessa for Québec hair stylist

2011 Olivier Miotto, Winner of Paris Trophée The Big One, Tribute Show

2012 Olivier Miotto, Winner of Contessa for Canadian hairstylists session

2013 Glam, Finalist of salon team in North America, Naha

2013 Glam, Finalist of Contessa for Best Canadian team of the year

2014 Olivier Miotto, winner of Contessa session for hair stylist of Canada